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Petro Ayric At A Glance

Parsian Petro Ayric Entrepreneurs Co. has been established in 2015 as the first company to supply fuel with the efforts of creating a new process in fuel supply chain with the aim of improving the quality and number of fuel stations and reducing the refueling times. Petro Ayric during its activities with aim of promotion of construction standards and in order to increase the level of customer satisfaction has acquired a permanent license from the National Company for Distribution of Petroleum. The company in addition to measures like covering fuel supplies nationwide, it will have the ability to supply and distribute fuel to consumers. Petro Ayric company , based on the 20-year experience of its human resources in the production of equipment for fuel distribution stations, started its cooperation with the Isfahan Municipality in order to install 17 small Gas Stations in the 15 zones of the Isfahan city. Petro Ayric as a leading company in the fuel distribution industry has been able to obtain more than 13 patents, as well as certificates from the competent authorities. Petro Ayric has been identified as the endorsed company in the field of investment, manufacturing and management of the chain fuel stations.

Petro Ayric

The first brand in management and construction of gas stations