On-demand fuel delivery application(Pido)

On-Demand Fuel Delivery Application (Pido)

After successful manufacturing and management of fuel stations in the Iranian metropolises, which led to a decrease in air pollution and traffic in such cities, the Petro Ayric company for controlling traffic and increasing well – being of citizens decided to design, build and exploit the first fuel demand application in Iran. It is to be mentioned that the company has designed special vehicles according to the world’s highest safety standards.
The main purpose of the project is to boost citizens ‘ satisfaction and ease of access to fuel services. The widespread use of this tool will not only prevent traffic in the urban area but also prevent wasting citizen’s time, decreasing air pollution and illustrate a vision of an intelligent and electronic city.
After downloading and installing software applications, applicants can register their fuel delivery demand. After receiving the applicant’s request by the Pido, operator will comply with the entire provide services by following all the safety tips.
It should be noted that the fuel price is the same as ordinary stations and only the cost of transport would be added