Our Projects

1. Investment, construction, exploitation of 23 small urban fuel stations in Isfahan and Qom and some other cities.
2. The implementation of the brand project in 13 regions of The National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (N.I.O.P.D.C) including province of Tehran, East Azerbaijan, Fars, Bushehr, Hamedan, Isfahan, Yazd, Hormozgan and etc.
3. Rebuilding the Azadi gas station No. 236 of Tehran (with Petro Ayric brand), as the most modern and largest gas station in the country (i-GAS ).
4. Rebuilding the Torabi gas station in Yasouj.
5. Construction of more than 20 gas stations with Petro Ayric brand in the country.
6. Implementation of the Vapor Recycling System (Stage 1, 2, 3) at some of the company’s gas stations with Petro Ayric brand.