For the first time in the country, 18 small petrol stations with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Oil, Managing Director of the National Oil Products Distribution Company, Mayor of Isfahan, members of the City Council and city administrators of Isfahan Official got into operation (were officially exploited). Advantages: • Reducing access to stations • Decreasing air pollution • Uniform distribution of fuel stations in the City • Requiring minimum land area • High speed refueling • Using the most up-to-date technology of fuel distribution in the world  
row Station name Regional Municipality Adress Location map Station
1 Municipality tree Imam Musa Sadr Blvd View map
2 Beheshti tree Shahid Beheshti Blvd View map
3 Ghadir four Al Ghadir Blvd View map
4 Pardisan eight Pardisan - Azadi Blvd View map
6 Safa shahr four Imad Mughniyeh Blvd View map
6 khak faraj tree Imam Musa Sadr Blvd - after the bridge of Shahid Rajai View map