Designer and host of the city small station (one way)
The first brand of chain station distribution fuel in Iran

Introduce Petroayric Company

This company began it's activity with goal of improve the level of quality and quantity chain station and reduce the time typing refuel cars and with leaning on bankroll of our 20 years staff in the field of the fuel station distribution equipment manufacturing and obtain 2 specific reward from Kharazmi festival and also it began it's activity with cooperation of municipal the number of small city station and the level of fifteen station in Esfahan about installation

The project that is done by company

1) Investment on construction , Exploit 23 small city fuel station in Esfahan metropolis and Qhom and one small fuel station in city

2) perform brand plan in 13 areas in which areas that are thirty seven petrol production distribution of Iran such as Tehran ,Azarbyjan,Fars, Bushehr, Hamedan, Hormozgan, yazd, Esfahan.

3) Rebuild the fuel station in country (i-gas)

4) Rebuild Torabi station in Yasouj

5) Perform the process of construction more than20 fuel station Under Petroayric brand in country

6) Perform recycling of petrol steams (stage 1,2,3) in all of the fuel station under this brand of company .

7) Perform Dispiching method in all of the fuel station under this brand

The central control system

Enjoyment of this system contains Pictorial supervision station , selling management , The management of buying the fuel , and the management of selling the fuel .

Inventory of tanks

The management of the inventory of the tanks and shop order point of fuel place

Reporting of the moment

Observation , control and reporting of the moment and selling fuel detachment

Prioritizing station

Prioritizing station based on the inventory of tanks and forecasted selling to fuel drain

Pictorial controlling

Pictorial controlling on performance of the operators.

our colleagues

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